Chocolate, strawberries and sweet times

I apologize for the length of time that has lapsed since my last post. It is partially due to the wonderful weather we’ve been having, which has made me want to be outside spending time with Leo (he had a three-day holiday, which is always a special treat!). The island tends to have pretty good weather year-round, but it was particularly lovely the past week. We enjoyed waterskiing and riding our bikes through Ta’ Xbiex and along the marina. But I also have been remiss in blogging because I wanted something truly amazing to share that might make up for my last fiasco.

Inspiration hit when my friend asked me to make the cake for her bridal shower. She’s marrying one of those fellows who works for Unibet, but I decided to overlook her desire to fraternize with the (friendly) competition and make her cake. Now, she’s obsessed with chocolate-covered strawberries so, of course, I had to make her a chocolate-covered-strawberry cake.

I started by preparing chocolate covered strawberries. When the thick chocolate shells had hardened, I cut up the strawberries and layered them with my famous, rich, flourless chocolate cake to make a torte. I also included some homemade whipped cream to give the dessert a lighter element to juxtapose all the other rich elements. I topped the torte with a dark chocolate glaze that dripped down the sides. I believe the cake’s pièce de résistance, though, was the decorative roses I created, of which half were chocolate and half strawberries. A few final swirls of whipped cream and the cake was finished.

I think I can safely say I captured the essence of the chocolate covered strawberry! We served it with some coffee during her bridal shower (which also was a smashing success) and she was very pleased. If this cake, and the event as a whole, was any indication, she is in for a very sweet, satisfying marriage! The best man of the wedding was a friend of the groom who worked for an online trading company. This company was doing Forex trading. What is Forex? you would ask. Its as simple as trading currencies against each other online. Nothing more and nothing less.

Now that I have you all caught up, it’s back outside to enjoy the sunset with Leo! Until next time…