A perfect poker party

Leo’s birthday was a few days ago and we had a wonderful party, both with our friends and then, of course, after they left! I could go into how much alcohol was consumed and the other naughtiness that marked the evening, but this blog is about cakes and baking. So I’ll stick to main event: the birthday cake.

Since Leo works at Betsson – which, for those of you who don’t know, is an online gaming/betting/gambling company (great casino bonuses if you would be interested) – and many of his friends work at other virtual gambling sites, such as LeoVegas Casino, BGO Casino and mrgreen, I decided a theme of that sort would be fun. Gambling in general seemed entirely too broad, so I homed in on Leo’s own personal favorite game, poker, or seven-card stud, to be exact.

I decided to create a cake that looked like a seven-card hand slightly fanned out. I made five of the cards look like a high straight flush – Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and 10 of spades – and then threw in a Jack of diamonds and Queen of hearts, which is an inside joke between Leo and I. I quite enjoyed making little spades, hearts and diamonds out of fondant. Since the Ace of spades was the most prominently featured card, and only a slight edge of the others were visible, I didn’t have to worry about drawing the face cards and then replicating that design with frosting. I’ll save that ambitious project for another time!

Since I was serving the cake to a large group of people, I opted for a red velvet cake as it tends to be quite popular. I needed a white frosting for the cards, so cream cheese frosting was perfect. If you don’t want super runny cream cheese frosting, as I did not since I was going for a clean and readable design, remember to cut back a bit on the sugar.

We all enjoyed the cake, played real poker and other games, had more than a few laughs and an overall wonderful time. Thanks for reading and I’ll be back soon!